Pale Blue Dot Energy will be supporting the European Student Energy Summit

Pale Blue Dot Energy is proud to announce it will be supporting the very first European Student Energy Summit (ESES) to be held in Aberdeen, June 19-20.

Organised by a group of 35 students at the University of Aberdeen, ESES is one of five Regional Student Energy Summits that will occur simultaneously with events in Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America, linking 300 European students with 1200 other students from around the world.

The theme of the 2014 Student Energy Summit is “Powering the Future”.  ESES will challenge this group of multidisciplinary post-secondary students from across the continent to both question and understand the key issues within their region, and to further comprehend them within the larger context of existing and future global energy dynamics.

Pale Blue Dot Energy’s Finance Director and ESES Advisory Board Member, Steve Murphy, said: “We are excited to be a part of this unique event which connects so many young people from around the world to further understanding of the vital and increasingly complex role that energy will play in our future.”

We are also delighted to announce that Ian Phillips, Technical Sage at Pale Blue Dot Energy will be one of the speakers at the ESES Carbon Capture and Storage session.

To register for the event see the ESES 2014 website:

ESES 2014 on Facebook:

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