Pale Blue Dot Energy wins Significant Role in CCS Project

Pale Blue Dot Energy, the Aberdeen based Corporate Development Advisor to the Energy Business and Large Energy Users, has been awarded a 12 month contract by Tees Valley Unlimited, a local enterprise partnership, to develop the business case for an industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) network on Teesside.

Part of the UK Government supported Tees Valley City Deal Programme, the project will be significant in taking industrial carbon capture and storage forward in the UK.

The Tees Valley project, which is at an early stage, will, if developed, capture CO2emissions from major industrial sources and transporting the CO2 offshore for deep underground sequestration.  This initial phase of work will take place over the next 12 months.

The contract award builds upon the significant CCS track record that the Pale Blue Dot Energy team have developed already from working on many of the previous UK CCS projects.

Tees Valley Unlimited Project Manager Sarah Tennison said “We are pleased to be able to access the wide CCS experience offered by the Pale Blue Dot Energy team, and look forward to taking significant steps towards our objective of a low carbon industrial cluster on Teesside”.

Pale Blue Dot Project Manager Ian Phillips commented “Whilst Pale Blue Dot Energy has only been trading since August 2013, our team has been working on CCS power projects since 2007.  We are delighted to be working on such a visionary initiative – decarbonising our industrial emissions is every bit as important as reducing emissions from power generation, and has been a much-neglected area in the low-carbon debate”.

View the Press Release here.

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