Our Future Energy: Investing in the Millenial Generation

Climate change, sustainability, and renewable energy are the backdrop to energy discussions for Millennials.  Graduates seek positions in these areas, keen to translate their academic knowledge and passionate views into positive action.  Today coal, oil, and gas still dominate the power needs of the developed world.

The Millennial generation have a key role to play in this transition, working in all types of organisations to raise awareness, challenge conventional thinking, and bring new ideas.  With an understanding of the potential for social media and collaboration, new perspectives on challenges, being unconstrained by how things were, having an innovative approach and the natural energy and enthusiasm of youth, the young bring a fresh perspective.

However youth is no guarantee of innovation – and businesses must recognise this.  In the words of Richard Branson, “Innovation happens when people are given the freedom to ask questions and the resources and power to find the answers”.  Creating a happy and creative corporate culture is key to business performance.  The greater the diversity in your employees – age, gender and cultural background – the greater the diversity of thought and new perspectives that can be found. The energy sector, maybe more than others, needs this stimulus.

New perspectives are key to the low carbon transition.  Understanding how to address climate change at the same time as managing energy prices and ensuring security of supply is the defining energy issue of our age.  Engaging the younger generation in this challenge alongside experienced energy professionals stimulates new ideas and opportunities.

Employing young people is an investment with the highest rate of return.  A year ago, Pale Blue Dot Energy hired two Business Analysts, providing them with their first graduate positions.  We are delighted to announce that Malgorzata Olesiewicz and Jen Hickling have been shortlisted for the 2degrees “Top 25 under 25 2014” competition.  This is a list of the very best under-25s currently working in sustainable business.  The team is very proud of their achievements, and if you would like support them please take a look at their profiles.

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