Pale Blue Dot Energy Awarded £2.5m DECC CCS Contract

It was announced today that the ETI have awarded a £2.5 million contract to a consortium led by Pale Blue Dot Energy, the Aberdeen based management consultancy that specialises in the energy transition.  The twelve month project is funded by DECC and will start in May 2015 and will deliver a screened and appraised portfolio of offshore deep geological CO2 Storage sites for potential deployment in future Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects beyond the current DECC CCS Commercialisation programme, in the mid 2020’s.

CCS is one of the very few technologies available which can eliminate the damaging climate changing emissions from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas whilst these fuels continue to be used in our transition to a low carbon world.

Den Gammer, the ETI’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Strategy Manager, said: “The UK is blessed with a strategically important geological CO2 storage resource.  This project will drive the appraisal and progression of five significant offshore storage sites which will put the UK on track to permanently store decades of emissions from many of its major power stations and industrial emitters.  This will significantly de-risk and encourage the deployment of CCS technology in the years ahead.”

Steve Murphy, Director of Pale Blue Dot Energy, said “We are very excited about winning this work and are pleased with the exceptionally strong team we have assembled for this project.  We have been working in CCS since 2007.  Our Partners include CO2DeepStore, Axis Well Technologies, and Costain who together bring huge capability and experience to this project.”

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