Summary and Build Out Reports

D16 – Progressing Development of the UK’s Strategic Carbon Dioxide Storage Resource

This document represents a high level summary report describing the key outcomes of the project. It is aimed at stakeholders with a broad knowledge of CCS, but only basic knowledge of the subsurface and associated language.  The Foreword by former BP Chief Executive Lord Browne of Madingley, points to the objectives of the project, the broad methodology and the key results presented in the Summary Report.  Key technical issues are explained in clear terms to improve accessibility for non-technical readers.  It presents a full comparative summary of development plans and costs for five sites and draws comparisons to other sites for which previous FEED studies have been completed.


D15 – CO2 Storage Development Build-Out 10113ETIS-Rep-22-03

The objective of this part of the project, set in May 2015, was to illustrate how the selected stores might contribute to providing storage for the potential CCS roll out scenarios identified by ETI, all of which resulted in around 50Mt/year being stored by 2030. All of these scenarios assumed a starting point of injecting CO2 from the two DECC Commercialisation projects by 2020. Clearly this level of ambition has been affected by the funding decision taken by UK government in November 2015, but for consistency the scenarios adopted in this report illustrate how the portfolio could service the ETI ‘Balanced Scenario’.  The report presents full comparative economic modelling and cost comparison of the different sites considered.


All materials from the Strategic UK CCS Storage Appraisal Project can be accessed here. Readers are advised that the materials are best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Update: On the 9th of June, the Global CCS Institute hosted a webinar on this project, where we provided a more detailed look at the results of this project. To listen to the webinar, click here.

This article was written by Alan James.

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