Hazel and Luke Robertson, Aonach Eagach ridge. Photo credit: Hamish Frost (Hamish Frost Photography)

Pale Blue Dot Consultant embarking on world first expedition

Pale Blue Dot Energy are proud to be supporting one of our team, Hazel, as she and her husband Luke embark on a world first expedition in Alaska this summer. They will be covering the length of Alaska (2,000 miles in 80 days) by human power (running, biking and kayaking). Hazel has a strong track record for doing crazy athletic things and has completed, among others, the Cape Wrath ultra-marathon and the ‘Ice Ultra’ ultra-marathon. Last year Luke made history by becoming the first Scot, youngest Brit and first person in history with a pacemaker to ski solo, unsupported and unassisted to the South Pole; this year they get to do something together.

Hazel will be heading out the office at the end of April and returning in early August. We’re looking forward to hearing their stories from this amazing trip!

They are also raising money for Marie Curie (www.justgiving.com/hazelandluke), building on the £85,000 of donations they have already received for previous endurance challenges.

The following is the press release on their trip. You can follow their updates at www.facebook.com/duenorthalaska and via their website www.duenorthalaska.com, where there will be live tracking during the expedition.

The rest of the team at Pale Blue Dot wish them the best of luck!


Adventuring Couple to Embark on World First Expedition

Exploring and adventuring couple Luke and Hazel Robertson are seeking to become the first people in history to travel the length of Alaska by human power alone.

Expedition ‘Due North: Alaska’ (www.duenorthalaska.com) will take 80 days, cover over 2000 miles, and will see the husband and wife team complete the equivalent of kayaking to Iceland from the UK, cycling the length of the UK and completing 30 marathons back to back.

They set off in early May 2017, soon after taking on the ‘Marathon des Sables’ – a gruelling 156 mile multi-stage running race through the Sahara Desert, billed as ‘the toughest footrace on Earth’.

Luke, who has an artificial pacemaker and came through brain surgery to become the youngest Brit and the first Scot to ski 730 miles solo and unsupported to the South Pole in 2016, and Hazel, who among other endurance events has run a 140 mile Arctic Ice Ultramarathon and the 250 mile Cape Wrath ultramarathon, are fundraising for charity Marie Curie, for which they are both Ambassadors.

The couple, both 31 years old, originally from Stonehaven and now living in Edinburgh, will begin their journey in the very southeast of Alaska. From the Pacific Ocean they will head north through the temperate rainforests of the Pacific coast, passing glaciers and mountains, and through boreal forest. They will then race through tundra desert high above the Arctic circle, before travelling along the open the Arctic Ocean to the finish.

The US state of Alaska, which is over seven times larger than the UK but has a population only 14% of that of Scotland, is often called ‘The Last Frontier’ and is one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Through Due North: Alaska, the couple expect to come face to face with bears, moose, lynx, orcas, humpback whales and bison. As well as clouds of midges!

The expedition is working in conjunction with Education Scotland and youth groups to provide a fully interactive educational expedition that will seek to engage young people and make the journey as accessible as possible to as many as possible. Throughout the expedition they will be filming, blogging, vlogging, updating social media, as well as hosting live Q&A sessions.

The journey is supported by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who said: “A true world-first expedition is a rare thing nowadays and I am very proud to support ‘Due North: Alaska. Hazel and Luke’s journey through one of the last great wildernesses is both daring and unique and I applaud both their ambition to educate and inspire others through their exploration and to continue to support Marie Curie’s Fundraising efforts.”

Hazel said:

We’re looking forward to continuing to fundraise for Marie Curie a charity that we’re proud Ambassadors for. We want to reach out to as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to join us; playing a part in this world first journey.

As on any wilderness expedition, we’ll have to rely heavily on our equipment, but because we are carrying all our gear we’ll need to travel as light as possible and so every piece of kit has to be essential. We’ll also be relying heavily on each other – both of us working to our strengths as part of this team expedition, and also for motivation when things get difficult (which they certainly will at times).

We are under no illusions that it will be tough but are confident that we have the experience, the knowledge and the determination to see it through.”

Luke said:

“The prospect of engaging the next generation and helping inspire them through exploration is something that we’re very passionate about.

We want to get young people excited and inspired about the outdoors and the environment and this is reflected in the visions and values of the expedition. That’s why we’re teaming up with Education Scotland and youth groups to develop a fully interactive and educational expedition that will engage young people across the globe.

When skiing across Antarctica, I arrived at the South Pole with the equipment I set out with. During Due North: Alaska, we have three transitions and three different sports, and so the logistics and equipment are much more complicated.  This is also a journey that has never been attempted.”


More information on Due North: Alaska can be found on their website: www.duenorthalaska.com

Follow Hazel and Luke:

Follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/duenorthalaska

Follow on twitter: @lukerobertson @hazelerobertson

Luke’s website: www.lukerobertson.org

Hazel’s website www.hazelerobertson.com

Hazel and Luke’s fundraising page for Marie Curie: www.justgiving.com/hazelandluke

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Hazel or Luke, please contact info@duenorthalaska.com


Photo credit: Hamish Frost (Hamish Frost Photography)

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