CO2 re-use can create a new manufacturing sector for Scotland

A new report outlines how the capture and re-use of CO2 can create a new Circular Economy led manufacturing sector for Scotland. The study titled “Actions required to develop a roadmap towards a Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Strategy for Scotland (2016)”, was commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and delivered by Pale Blue Dot Energy and the University of Sheffield. The study highlights the significant potential to create a new high value manufacturing sector built on existing infrastructure and skills.

The report highlights that Scotland is uniquely positioned for the development of a world leading CO2 utilisation sector because of: an abundance of biogenic CO2 from the food and drink sector; vibrant Carbon Capture and utilisation (CCU), hydrogen and CO2 supplyvdemand PBDCCS academic communities; progressive climate & energy policies and world class renewable energy resources.

CO2 Utilisation or Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) has the potential to help Scotland shift to a lower-carbon, more sustainable and more circular economy through better management and re-use of its carbon. However, CO2 Utilisation should not be considered a substitute for CCS when looking to tackle and mitigate the scale of Scotland’s CO2 emissions.

CO2 Utilisation provides a way to integrate CO2 into the economy in a circular manner, with the potential to use CO2 as a feedstock to make valuable products, such as CO2-derived fuels, chemical feedstocks, building materials or inorganic fertilisers. A case study in the report identifies the potential to create a £500m market, sustaining 600 new jobs and a new Scottish export by utilising innovative technology to convert the 500,000 tonnes of distillery sector biogenic CO2 into inorganic fertiliser.

The Scottish Government recently published their latest Climate Change Plan and Energy Strategy for consultation. These contain vision statements and policy outcomes for CCS and CCU. The establishment and growth of a CO2 Utilisation sector is a key ambition for Scottish Government and one that Pale Blue Dot passionately support. In the last 3 months, Pale Blue Dot have completed assessments of CO2 utilisation potential for multiple clients. If you would like to find out more about this study and Pale Blue Dot’s leading activity on growing a CCU sector in Scotland
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