CO2 reuse and the Low Carbon Transition – recent presentations

Tim Dumenil, Creative Spirit at Pale Blue Dot Energy, presented at All-Energy 2017 and the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference (WDSC 2017). Tim’s presentation subjects included CO2 reuse and the low carbon transition for distilling. Below is an introduction to the three papers, with links to the full papers and posters/slides.

All-Energy is the UK’s largest renewable energy event which takes place annually showcasing the complete range of renewable and sustainable technologies.

The Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference is a world leading conference dedicated to distilled spirits that take place every three years.

Achieving “negative carbon” through carbon dioxide reuse as a bolt on value generator for your operation 

This presentation provides an overview of the newly emerging CO2 reuse manufacturing sector and the potential benefit this could bring to the brewing and distilling sectors through both carbon reduction and value generation. We draw on two recent projects and other CO2 Reuse research completed. In 2016 Pale Blue Dot Energy completed a study with Sheffield University for Scottish Enterprise for developing a manufacturing sector in Scotland based on CO2 Reuse. Key findings were that high purity sources of biogenic CO2 from anaerobic digestion plants, brewery and distillery fermentation etc. presented the best opportunity for creating value from CO2 Reuse. Within the study two commercially ready, profit generating, technologies were identified. One technology converts a mix of raw materials including a fibre based material (digestate/draff) and CO2 (30% by weight) into an inorganic fertilizer which can potentially offer the brewing and distilling sector with a groundbreaking “negative carbon” circular economy proposition.

This subject was presented at WDSC 2017 and All-Energy 2017.

Full paper

Presentation slides

The energy evolution and the transition to a low carbon future for distilling 

This presentation aims to challenge perspectives on the current energy risks and opportunities that climate change mitigation presents to distillers through raising and addressing several questions. The UN Charter, COP21 Agreement, the Scottish Government Energy Policy and SWA Environmental Strategy all call for 80% reduction in carbon emissions from primary energy use by 2050.

  • What are the implications of this at an operational level for a large energy user?
  • How are the dynamics of the Energy Trilemma going to play out at national and operational levels?
  • What are some of the relevant current and future trends and implications on primary energy sources?
  • As a large energy user dependent on fossil fuels how can you develop a strategy and action plan for transition to a low carbon future?
  • How can you minimize energy use through a) Efficiency and b) Innovation?
  • How can you reduce the carbon impact of your residual energy needs through c) On Site solutions and b) Offsite solutions?

This paper also provides a headline overview of the GreenStills technology we are currently developing.

This paper was presented in a poster format at WDSC 2017 with a corresponding manuscript.

Full paper (manuscript)


 Circular economy, resource efficiency and waste reduction for distilling 

This paper aims to test the understanding within the workshop on current key European funded support programmes for the Food & Drink sectors focused on Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Waste Reduction. For each of the three subject areas, case studies are referenced to demonstrate proven and innovative opportunities for the brewing and distilling sectors. This includes relevant headlines from recent Food & Drink focused Circular Economy projects completed in Scotland together with recent and ongoing activity being completed by Pale Blue Dot on CO2 Reuse, Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audits and comprehensive water assessments. This paper was presented in a poster format at WDSC 2017 with a corresponding manuscript.

Full paper (manuscript)


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