Acorn project unlocks UK clean growth

The Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project, its developers CO2DeepStore and consulting partners Pale Blue Dot Energy welcome the launch today of the UK Governments long awaited Clean Growth Strategy. The plan confirms the UKs commitment to its carbon reduction obligations as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008 which commits the UK to an 80% reduction on 1990 emissions by 2050. Carbon capture and storage is an essential part of this clean growth. Acorn is set to be the UKs first CCS project.

The Strategy highlights the role that hydrogen will play in decarbonising the UKs heat and transport system. Replacing natural gas with hydrogen in the gas grid, will provide a massive boost to the energy transition and will involve the manufacture of clean hydrogen from natural gas with CCS. Decarbonising industry, such as cement, steel and refining also requires the adoption of CCS.

The recently launched study “Clean Air-Clean Industry-Clean Growth; How Carbon capture will boost the UK economy” concludes that CCS will add £129bn of net societal and economic benefits to the UK. Furthermore, the study concludes that waiting before starting CCS in the UK or exporting our CO2 to Norway will both have significant negative impact on the value of CCS for the UK, whilst importing CO2 from Europe (for storage offshore UK) would provide a massive balance of trade opportunity.

Acorn is a small scale full chain project in North East Scotland. CO2 is captured from existing emissions at the St Fergus gas terminal, which would otherwise enter the atmosphere. CO2 is then transported offshore and injected deep underground for permanent sequestration in a saline formation. The Acorn CCS project will re-use existing oil and gas infrastructure which is now redundant, prior to it being decommissioned. Re-using existing infrastructure, reduces project costs and makes best use of old facilities. On its current timetable the project could be operational before 2022. The project is planning to capture about 200,000T/y of CO2. Acorn provides the initial infrastructure to enable clean growth in the UK.

Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow.

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