Acorn in Rhyme

To mark World Poetry Day (21st March), it is a pleasure to share a poem from our Commercial Director Sam Gomersall on the Acorn CCS project. 

Put Acorn into rhyme!
Explain the project in a line!
Charlie asks for such stuff,
Doing a blog is not enough.

Acorn captures waste CO2,
Emitted process from the flue,
Cleaned, dried and compressed,
Such efficiency, you’re impressed.
St Fergus is the place it’s been,
A little north of Aberdeen.

Re-use the Atlantic pipe and more,
To transport the CO2 offshore,
Inject it deep down the wellbore,
For sequestration in the store.

With existing pipe already in place,
The project can move at a pace.
Ready to go by 2023,
Other projects will be able to see,
Technical experience to be gained,
Risk allocation, business model explained.

The Acorn Project by Pale Blue Dot,
Seeks investors for the pot,
A partnership with government in,
Can deliver the Project as a win.

Once on line, more it can take,
Decarbonised gas can it make,
Ship imports to Peterhead,
Central belt emissions can be fed.

So let’s collaborate to make it go,
The Acorn seed thus to sow,
Time for action and to make,
A mighty oak for climate’s sake.

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