Notification from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility Fund

Pale Blue Dot Energy is delighted to have received notification from the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) fund that the Acorn CCS project (CO2-Sapling Transport and Infrastructure Project) is being recommended for funding following their call for proposals on 11th June 2018.

As a recognised Project of Common Interest (PCI), Acorn CCS is eligible to apply for relevant CEF funding calls and became the first CO2 related PCI project to be successfully awarded CEF funding in November last year. Acorn CCS and the Rotterdam CCUS project – PORTHOS are the latest PCI CO2 projects to be recommended for funding in this round of CEF awards. Click here for a list of all projects recommended for award.

Alan James, Managing Director of Pale Blue Dot Energy, said:

‘This is really exciting news for Acorn CCS that is taking us a step closer to being able to commit to moving the project into the next stage of development (front end engineering and design or FEED), and keeping us on track for a potential project delivery within the early 2020’s. We greatly appreciate the continued support from the Connecting Europe Facility Coordination Committee and are excited to see that the PORTHOS project is also being recommended for support. We are delighted that CCS is achieving growing recognition throughout Europe and look forward to finalising all the appropriate agreements and match funding arrangements in the months ahead.”

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