Acorn CO2 Transport & Storage Infrastructure – Expression of Interest

Invitation to CO2 emitters to express interest in using the UK Acorn CO2 Transport and Storage Infrastructure for permanent emissions disposal.


The Acorn CCS project, a European Project of Common Interest, is seeking non-binding Expressions of Interest (EOI) from industrial emitters, projects or regions for the permanent disposal of industrial CO2 emissions in a licensed offshore CO2 Storage site located in the Central North Sea. The Acorn CO2 Transport and Storage infrastructure plans to accept CO2 delivered by both ship and pipe from other UK and North Sea regions to support Scottish, UK and international efforts to drive industrial decarbonisation, clean industrial growth and reducing climate change impact. Letters outlining indicative interest are now sought reflecting potential CO2 quantities and their timing. Your interest would be welcome at any time, but your early representations before June 1st 2019 would be appreciated.


Pale Blue Dot Energy is developing the Acorn CCS project in the North East of Scotland. The Acorn CCS development is offshore CO2 transport and storage led and has the potential to re-use existing and available subsea pipeline infrastructure. The project will also be developed without an offshore platform. These measures significantly reduce the cost of initiating large scale CCS operations.

Whilst the project will be initiated with a local CO2 source from the St Fergus area, the project is specifically designed to be open access in nature and can grow to a throughput capacity of over 15MT/yr without the addition of new offshore pipelines. It will offer a permanent CO2 sequestration service to emitters from industrial regions around the North Sea Basin, who are able to transport CO2 by ship to Peterhead deep water port or by pipe directly to St Fergus in North East Scotland. The Acorn CCS project will take responsibility for the CO2 at the point of transfer, and subsequently transport it to and store it in well appraised subsurface storage sites located around 100km offshore.

This initial EOI process will start to address questions regarding the potential demand for CO2 storage from regions around the North Sea and beyond. This will support the evolving design and phasing of the Acorn CCS project infrastructure build out.

There are many reasons to lodge an initial expression of interest, but the primary driver is to note a potential interest in sending CO2 from your plant, project or region to Acorn CCS for permanent offshore underground sequestration, thus enabling your emissions reduction. This could be on a long-term basis, or simply during the early stages of decarbonisation to assist capture investment decisions before local transport and storage systems have been developed.


Why should I make an Expression of Interest now?

Acorn CCS is scalable and has several development pathways. Your expression of interest will help to inform those pathways to ensure that the system has both the throughput and the injection and storage capacity to service the needs of potential emitters at the right time. Your Expression of Interest will also provide you with evidence of your commitment to emissions reduction and clean industrial growth. In return for your Expression of Interest, you will be kept fully informed about the Acorn CCS Project development as it progresses and receive information on CO2 condition and shipping interface aspects as appropriate.

The information will also be useful to establish the level of shipping activity which may be expected and support the potential investment by others in a CO2 shipping fleet.

Your Expression of Interest signifies a potential interest in sending CO2 to Acorn CCS for permanent sequestration, however at this time, no commitment either implied or actual is made by either party.

Why St Fergus and the North East of Scotland?

The Acorn CCS Project represents a significant CO2 collection hub because of:

  1. Its position as an EU Project of Common Interest, supported financially by the Connecting Europe Facility, the UK Government and the Scottish Government towards the delivery of Front End Engineering Design.
  2. The existence of a CO2 storage license over one of the world’s best appraised and de-risked CO2 storage sites including both the Atlantic and Goldeneye depleted gas fields.
  3. The three existing and available major subsea pipelines suitable for dense phase CO2 transport to the offshore storage sites each with a landfall at St Fergus.
  4. The proximity of several well appraised offshore storage site build-out options coupled with around one third of total UKCS storage resource within 50km of the target pipeline infrastructure.
  5. The fact that over one third of the carbon entering the UK as natural gas lands at St Fergus making it an ideal place to manufacture hydrogen from gas with CO2 disposal through the Acorn CCS system.
  6. The close proximity and connectivity of Peterhead deep water harbour where CO2 import facilities can be developed to receive CO2 by ship from around the North Sea Basin.

What do I need to do to Express an Interest?

All we ask for at this time, is a letter expressing your interest and a mid case estimate of your envisaged CO2 despatch profile between 2023 and 2060 in MT/yr. Your geography will control the transportation system, but it is considered that many parties will initially send their CO2 to Acorn CCS by ship. We are happy to present an outline of the project to parties who provide an expression of interest.

Submit your interest by completing this Expression of Interest Form.


Pale Blue Dot Energy would like to acknowledge the support of funding partners which include the Connecting Europe Facility, UK Government, Scottish Government, and Total E&P Ltd. Acorn CCS is a European Project of Common Interest.