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Acorn: one year on

Last year, at All-Energy 2017, we were delighted to announce that the Acorn project had secured European support from the ‘Advancing CCS Technologies’ (ACT) funding round, part of the ERA-NET programme. Acorn is a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project at St Fergus in north east Scotland, based on a phased development of industrial emissions and the production of hydrogen, which re-uses existing infrastructure, and has a wide portfolio of build out options to enable decarbonisation. The ACT funding is supporting the feasibility studies, which are currently underway by the ACT Acorn consortium – Pale Blue Dot Energy, the Bellona Foundation, Heriot-Watt University, Radboud University, Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Liverpool.

Now, one year on, we are at All-Energy 2018 and Acorn has progressed. In the feasibility phase, the ACT Acorn project is 50% complete and the reports completed to date can be accessed from the project website. On 20th June, the ACT Acorn consortium will be hosting a webinar, ‘Acorn 2025: A pathway to decarbonising the UK’, which will provide the vision pathway for the project and demonstrate the critical value of the ACT-funded research. To register, click here.

ACT Acorn kick off meeting
ACT Acorn kick off meeting day 2, 27th September 2017. Photo credit: Charlie Hartley

In September 2017, the Scottish Government also announced their support for Acorn in their Programme for Government. In early 2018, the Acorn CCS infrastructure project, CO2 SAPLING, formally secured European support as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) and is now starting to move into pre-FEED activity, which will also be jointly funded by the public and private sectors. On top of this, we have been meeting with local politicians to raise awareness of Acorn and are developing industrial partnerships to drive the Acorn project forward.

Acorn is a way of starting small, creating optionality and being able to grow quickly at the right time. It is an exemplar of a low cost, low risk, option-rich approach that can be used in other places around the world.

ACT Acorn partners pass first milestone in study to initiate CCS in the UK

This press release was initially posted on the ACT Acorn project website: http://www.actacorn.eu

The ground-breaking Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project has now begun a feasibility study after concluding funding from the European Union’s funding round Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT).

Acorn CCS infrastructure project secures European support

The Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) infrastructure project “CO2 Sapling” has been adopted by the EU as a Project of Common Interest (PCI). The PCI programme supports the development of a low carbon integrated energy infrastructure for Europe including providing funding for significant infrastructure construction. CO2 Sapling involves the development of CO2 pipeline and shipping infrastructure from the Acorn hub at St Fergus and Peterhead in North East Scotland.

Acorn project unlocks UK clean growth

The Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project, its developers CO2DeepStore and consulting partners Pale Blue Dot Energy welcome the launch today of the UK Governments long awaited Clean Growth Strategy. The plan confirms the UKs commitment to its carbon reduction obligations as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008 which commits the UK to an 80% reduction on 1990 emissions by 2050. Carbon capture and storage is an essential part of this clean growth. Acorn is set to be the UKs first CCS project.