Beyond Petroleum – the UK Oil and Gas Industry Vision 2035

As the Oil and Gas Authority continues to work with industry to develop a single, compelling vision for the UK oil and gas industry, it is important to ensure that the Vision adequately addresses the threats and opportunities created by the transition to a low carbon future.

CO2 reuse and the Low Carbon Transition – recent presentations

Tim Dumenil, Creative Spirit at Pale Blue Dot Energy, presented at All-Energy 2017 and the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference (WDSC 2017). Tim’s presentation subjects included CO2 reuse and the low carbon transition for distilling. Below is an introduction to the three papers, with links to the full papers and posters/slides.

All-Energy is the UK’s largest renewable energy event which takes place annually showcasing the complete range of renewable and sustainable technologies.

The Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference is a world leading conference dedicated to distilled spirits that take place every three years.

stranded asset

Energy Transition Economics: Stranded Assets and Sustainability

In the face of the challenges of climate change, energy security, economic growth and a growing divestment movement, the future of the energy fuel mix and the health of the planet seem inextricably linked.  This article by our intern Amy Elliott discusses what can be expected in the future.

€9bn for Low Carbon Industrial and Power Projects

€9bn is to be made available to support innovative low carbon industrial and power projects across the EU in a funding round called NER400.  This will be open to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), low carbon innovation in industrial sectors and renewables.  The emphasis on industrial applications, in addition to utility power generation, creates significant new opportunity for high carbon industry to reduce emissions whilst gaining significant financial support.  Early preparation of industrial CCS and low carbon project concepts and preparation in advance of the funding launch will be key to a successful submission.