Strategic CO2 project team

Strategic CO2 Storage Appraisal Project Webinar

In mid-2015, Pale Blue Dot Energy led a consortium of partners including Axis Well Technology, Costain and CO2DeepStore to deliver an appraised portfolio of offshore geological CO2 storage sites within the UKCS, de-risking the five selected storage sites. The results and materials are summarised here and available under license from the ETI here.

On the 9th June, the Global CCS Institute hosted a webinar where we provided a more detailed look at the results of this project. This webinar comprises a presentation of key results and findings followed by a Q&A session. This webinar can be accessed here.

Summary and Build Out Reports

D16 – Progressing Development of the UK’s Strategic Carbon Dioxide Storage Resource

This document represents a high level summary report describing the key outcomes of the project. It is aimed at stakeholders with a broad knowledge of CCS, but only basic knowledge of the subsurface and associated language.  The Foreword by former BP Chief Executive Lord Browne of Madingley, points to the objectives of the project, the broad methodology and the key results presented in the Summary Report.  Key technical issues are explained in clear terms to improve accessibility for non-technical readers.  It presents a full comparative summary of development plans and costs for five sites and draws comparisons to other sites for which previous FEED studies have been completed.

Site and Portfolio Selection

D01 – UK CO2 Storage Site Screening and Selection Methodology – 10113ETIS-Rep-01-03

This report documents the screening and selection approach developed for the project to move from an initial inventory of over 570 storage units held within the CO2Stored database down through a “Qualified” and “Select” inventory before a portfolio of five sites was assembled.  The project deployed best guidance from the IEAGHG for saline aquifers and also used some multi criteria problem solving to distil the best twenty sites that mapped on the overall project objectives.

Storage Development Plans for the Portfolio of Five Stores

These five storage development plans are standalone documents which contain details of the characterisation, modelling, schedule and budget associated with the development of each site to accept the material volumes of CO2 supply required by the ETI Balanced Scenarios work.  The reports are also accompanied by downloadable digital models for the Eclipse reservoir simulator.  These provide a platform for further work and analysis from other industrial and academic workers.