Pale Blue Dot Energy delivers project identifying cost effective CCS storage sites off UK coast

  • Project confirms there are no major technical hurdles to storing industrial scale CO2 offshore in the UK with sites able to service mainland Europe as well as the UK.
  • 12 month project for the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) was carried out by Pale Blue Dot Energy, Axis Well Technology and Costain with £2.5m of funding provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
  • Report identifies types of stores, costs of storing carbon dioxide and ways to reduce costs over time.

Progressing Development of the UK’s Strategic Carbon Dioxide Storage Resource – An Introduction

Pale Blue Dot Energy, along with partners Axis Well Technology and Costain have recently completed a comprehensive 12 month study which seeks to progress the development of the UK’s strategic carbon dioxide storage resource.  The study which was commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute with funding from DECC was focussed at the acceleration of strategically important CO2 storage capacity in the UK offshore area and thereby leverage the further investment to develop this capacity to meet UK needs.

Pale Blue Dot Energy Awarded £2.5m DECC CCS Contract

It was announced today that the ETI have awarded a £2.5 million contract to a consortium led by Pale Blue Dot Energy, the Aberdeen based management consultancy that specialises in the energy transition.  The twelve month project is funded by DECC and will start in May 2015 and will deliver a screened and appraised portfolio of offshore deep geological CO2 Storage sites for potential deployment in future Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects beyond the current DECC CCS Commercialisation programme, in the mid 2020’s.