Delivering the Energy Transition

Pale Blue Dot Energy was established to take action on climate change. We believe that there are opportunities created by the low carbon energy transition, for those who can bring together an understanding of emerging technologies, future markets and are willing to innovate.

In the energy market things are changing very fast, for users and energy providers. New dynamics such as energy storage, hydrogen and smart technology are changing the way we think about energy. The cost of low carbon energy for electricity, heat and transport is falling fast.

The energy system is in revolution. Resources are becoming more scarce and Circular Economy thinking, seeking out opportunities for re-use are becoming more common. Waste is a cost, but waste products have value. Precipitating a change of culture to consider re-use, understanding the cross sector re-use opportunities and linking them with innovative thinking will create new breakthroughs.

Pale Blue Dot is excited to be at the centre of this energy and resource revolution.