Carbon Capture and Storage & Carbon Utilisation

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a technology that prevents the carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions entering the atmosphere. The technology can be applied to coal and gas power stations, industrial emissions or other point sources of CO2. Even if we build no more fossil fuel power stations, CCS is essential to decarbonise our existing emissions.

CO2 utilisation involves the re-use of CO2 to manufacture products. Doing so can help minimise further fossil fuel use.

Pale Blue Dot has provided support to many CCS projects and supported the development of the regulatory and commercial framework for CCS in the UK.  We have considerable experience of CO2 storage appraisal, industrial CO2 emissions capture projects, facilities costing and project economics and full chain CCS project matters. Our project experience also includes consideration of the value from CO2 re-use, including direct CO2 sales, mineralisation and manufacture of other products and feedstocks.

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How does CCS work?

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