Track Record

Pale Blue Dot Energy was established in 2013 to take action on climate change, believing there were opportunities created by the low carbon energy transition, for those who can bring together an understanding of emerging technologies, future markets and are willing to innovate.

We are a multi-disciplinary team and our approach led us to work on several different strands of the energy transition including CCS, hydrogen, circular economy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, energy storage and technology development in the distilling sector. This work was undertaken for, and in partnership with, both public and private organisations.

In the last 5 years, the landscape in which we work has changed significantly. The Paris Agreement in 2015 and the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation for Net Zero in 2019 played a critical role in setting targets, and the growing social movement continues to apply pressure on government and business to take major action.

Pale Blue Dot has responded to this changing environment by focusing our efforts from a diverse range of advisory work, to targeted project development that encourages clean growth and delivers a just transition. Acorn is our flagship project, which is set to become a major CO2 transport and storage network for the UK and beyond.