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SGN and Pale Blue Dot collaborate on Aberdeen Hydrogen Vision

SGN and Pale Blue Dot Energy are working together in collaboration with National Grid Transmission to evaluate the potential uses of an exciting new energy option that could find a natural home in the north east of Scotland.

Hydrogen provides a means to eliminate CO2 emissions from the future energy system. When it is used to make energy, the only by-products are water, and CO2 when the hydrogen is made from natural gas.

ACT Acorn: a catalyst for low-cost, low-risk clean growth

International collaboration shows how UK’s assets can accelerate Europe’s transition to a sustainable future

The groundbreaking Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project has today released findings from its international joint research project which show how the UK can support decarbonisation of some of Europe’s carbon-intensive regions from the early 2020s through the phased roll-out of a low-cost, low-risk North Sea CO2 transport and storage infrastructure.

Acorn CO2 Storage Site Receives Carbon Capture Storage Licence

The team at Pale Blue Dot Energy are delighted to have received formal notification from the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) that they are the first recipients of a carbon dioxide (CO2) appraisal and storage licence since the OGA was established as an independent regulator and the licensing authority for offshore carbon dioxide storage in the UK.