Did the Paris Climate Change Summit sound the death knell for fossil fuels?

If the fossil fuel energy sector thought things were tough now, they could be about to get much worse, unless it takes decisive action.

Although many people may not have given December’s climate change summit in Paris (COP21) more than a cursory glance, the agreement made by almost 200 countries to keep global warming below 2°C could change the face of the industry within little over a decade.

stranded asset

Energy Transition Economics: Stranded Assets and Sustainability

In the face of the challenges of climate change, energy security, economic growth and a growing divestment movement, the future of the energy fuel mix and the health of the planet seem inextricably linked.  This article by our intern Amy Elliott discusses what can be expected in the future.

Power plant

UK CCS Project Development Snapshot: November 2014

The UK is committed to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a key part of its carbon reduction efforts.  There has been a long history of early stage CCS projects in the UK, but converting these into operational projects has proved a challenge.  

CO2 Storage Offshore UK: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The UK is in a strong position with respect to the potential for permanent sequestration of CO2 offshore in rock formations deep below the North Sea.  This is because of two factors.  Firstly the correct type of rock formations exist in places below the North Sea with the porosity to provide capacity for the CO2, permeability to allow its injection, and sealing formations to contain the CO2.

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Communications on Energy Matters

Electricity Market Reform (EMR) constitutes the single biggest change in the UK electricity market in a generation.  EMR is intended to provide the commercial basis for generations of low-carbon electricity at the lowest possible cost, whilst being neutral to the energy source used.