Acorn project wins EU funding to progress CCS in the UK

The Acorn project, a full chain small scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in North East Scotland, has reached another milestone with support from the EU funding round “Advancing CCS Technologies” (ACT), a part of the ERA-NET programme. The project, being developed by CO2DeepStore, has been approved for funding under the programme to progress feasibility studies in 2017 and 2018. Pale Blue Dot Energy is leading the ACT study consortium which also includes Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage, Bellona (Norway), Liverpool University and Radboud University (Netherlands).

€9bn for Low Carbon Industrial and Power Projects

€9bn is to be made available to support innovative low carbon industrial and power projects across the EU in a funding round called NER400.  This will be open to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), low carbon innovation in industrial sectors and renewables.  The emphasis on industrial applications, in addition to utility power generation, creates significant new opportunity for high carbon industry to reduce emissions whilst gaining significant financial support.  Early preparation of industrial CCS and low carbon project concepts and preparation in advance of the funding launch will be key to a successful submission.  

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Application of the Circular Economy Business Model to North Sea Decommissioning

In September 2014, the European Commission (EC) adopted a Zero-waste programme that became the legal framework for development of an EU-wide Circular Economy.  The model assumes reuse of resources, minimisation of waste and encourages efficient use of the assets at our disposal.  The Commission estimates that a Circular Economy can save EU businesses €600bn per year.  Even though in December the EC confirmed it is scrapping plans to introduce the package and will launch a ‘broader and more ambitious’ waste package this year, the Circular Economy Business Model will still be at its core.  With the major decommissioning challenge being faced by the North Sea oil and gas sector, does the Circular Economy provide a useful perspective for enhancing value and reducing waste in this major emerging sector?

UK Shale Gas – Our energy future or another false dawn?

In all the debate and discussion about the possibilities for shale gas in the UK and in wider Europe, there has been little rational discussion about the practical implications of large scale development of shale gas.  In this article we seek to debunk a few myths, and point out some as yet undebated realities.