Trash to Cash: Making Money from CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is big news today, mostly because of the proved link with man-made climate change and the consequences of this. But, it’s not all like that.  More and more manufacturing and energy businesses are finding that they are losing an opportunity by simply dumping this valuable by-product into the sky because they are simply unaware of its potential.

Does your business have a waste stream of carbon dioxide? Do you want to improve your bottom line profit by turning a waste stream into a revenue stream?

Pale Blue Dot Energy announces GreenStills technology to slash energy use in distilling

Pale Blue Dot Energy welcomes the news that the scotch whisky industry has reinforced its targets on environmental performance, particularly the targets to reduce energy use from fossil fuels by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Two weeks ago, the Scottish Government published “A Plan for Scotland” which states on page 29 that a Climate Change Plan and an accompanying Energy Strategy will be published this winter, outlining the intention to also reduce Scottish emissions by 80% by 2050. This should mean no more direct combustion of fossil fuels within two generations and thus major change for both the energy markets and large energy users such as distillers of whom the majority are currently dependent on oil or gas for their fuel.

Pale Blue Dot Energy to Deliver Oil & Gas Diversification Project

Pale Blue Dot Energy have been awarded a landmark study by Scottish Enterprise looking at opportunities for diversification of the oil and gas supply chain in Scotland. This follows the recent period of low oil prices and the knock-on effect for business and jobs in oil and gas supply chain. Diversification is an essential part of the solution to help maintain and develop opportunities for Scottish Oil and Gas businesses. The review will consider potential diversification into a wide range of sectors, including; decommissioning, offshore wind and Carbon Capture and Storage, Hydrogen and Heat. The study will be delivered with BVG Associates and Abbott Risk Consulting.

Presentation: The Status of Carbon Capture & Storage within the UK

On Tuesday 13th October Hazel Clyne gave a presentation for the Energy Institute (Aberdeen, Highlands & Islands branch) on the Status of Carbon Capture & Storage within the UK.

As a technology that can prevent carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions entering the atmosphere, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an attractive solution which needs to be made commercially viable.

The presentation summarises the status of CCS development activity in the UK from publically available information, including; a summary of project concept development activity to date, the status of the two CCS projects in the DECC CCS Commercialisation Competition, highlights of other potential key CCS projects (Caledonia, Teesside Collective, Don Valley) and an overview of the DECC storage appraisal project ongoing.

To view the slides from Hazel’s presentation as a PDF click here.

To read the Energy Institute’s write-up of the evening click here.

solar panel

Energy Storage – Transformational Technology

Energy storage is integral to life as we know it.  Since it was discovered that electricity could be put to use in practical applications, scientists have been searching for more efficient ways to store and utilise it, and this search still goes on.