Track Record: Carbon Capture and Storage & Carbon Utilisation

Dec 2016

CCS Projects in China

Pale Blue Dot have signed an MOU with the Guangdong CCUS Centre for joint development of CCS projects in the UK and China and to develop other areas of collaboration. Following several visits, PBD have established links with CCS experts and projects in China. This includes GDCCUSC involvement in a UK CCS project called Acorn.

Nov 2016

Carbon Capture Plant Design and CO2 re-use Demonstration Centre on Teesside

Following the earlier Blueprint for Industrial CCS project on Teesside, Pale Blue Dot delivered a detailed design and costing for a capture plant at Lotte Chemical on Teesside. The project also involved developing the design and costs for a CO2 re-use demonstration centre, which could be used to support the testing and commercialisation of industrial scale CO2 re-use technologies.

Aug 2016

CO2 Transport and Storage Support

Pale Blue Dot have provided full support to Summit Power for the feasibility phase of the Caledonia Clean Energy Project, a new proposed build IGCC power station at Grangemouth. The support includes technical and commercial support for the transport of CO2 from Central Scotland to St Fergus and offshore for storage deep under the North Sea.

May 2016

Roadmap for CO2 Utilisation for Scotland

Scottish Enterprise commissioned a study to understand what was required to develop a roadmap for carbon dioxide utilisation for Scotland. Sheffield University led the project with input from Pale Blue Dot on a number of aspects including subsequent engagement / knowledge transfer summaries. Pale Blue Dot assessed the role of carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) alongside carbon capture and storage (CCS)  and an analysis of Scotland’s current demand for carbon dioxide use, current carbon emissions and for the latter the capture potential. We also quantified the distillery sector biogenic CO2 volumes and supported the development of a pilot project overview and market scale extrapolation for the reuse of CO2 in the production of fertiliser.


Assessment of UK’s CO2 Storage Resource

Pale Blue Dot Energy led a consortium to deliver a screened and appraised portfolio of offshore geological CO2 storage sites for potential deployment in future CCS projects. The project for DECC and ETI, involved a detailed appraisal of five CO2 storage sites, facilities concept design and costing and economics. All the project material is available to anyone interested from Pale Blue Dot.

Jun 2014

Industrial CCS Business Case

A UK based consortium of industrial developers contracted Pale Blue Dot to support and guide the development of a quantified business case for a clustered CCS development in North Eastern England. The assignment involved co-ordination of activities from a range of plant owners and engineering firms to build a coherent economic and business case capable of further development.

Jan 2014

CO2 Capture: Market Assessment

A niche chemical development company with potentially ground breaking CO2 absorbing agent commissioned Pale Blue Dot to develop a view of the potential existing market for such a product and also to consider how the unique performance of the product might be used to drive significant further market share in new applications.

Nov 2013

CO2 EOR Upside Potential

A large North Sea oil and gas operating company had embarked upon a divestment strategy and commissioned Pale Blue Dot to work with the asset to develop potential future growth and development options for the asset using an innovative CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery programme.  In essence the client was looking for a fresh view of upside potential from a different perspective.

Aug 2013

CCS Full Chain Modelling Software

Pale Blue Dot (through affiliate CO2DeepStore) were contracted to provide the full chain CCS engineering expertise to support the development of a full chain CCS process flow model.  The preliminary software was then validated and is now commercially available.

Jul 2012

CO2 Shipping Import Study

Pale Blue Dot (through affiliate CO2DeepStore) worked with Petrofac Engineering Services to deliver a study into the feasibility of importing CO2 by ship into Peterhead harbour.  The Scottish Enterprise study assessed the potential for importing CO2 from elsewhere in Europe.

Mar 2012

CCS Project Concept Development

Pale Blue Dot (through affiliate CO2DeepStore) worked with US power developer Summit Power to develop a project concept for the Captain Clean Energy Project.  This was a new build IGCC power station near Grangemouth with CO2 transport and storage in a deep underground saline aquifer in the Central North Sea.  The project was one of four selected by the UK government in a competitive process.

Feb 2008

CO2 Offshore Transport and Storage FEED

Pale Blue Dot (through affiliate CO2DeepStore) managed the offshore transport and storage aspects of FEED for the EON Kingsnorth CCS project.  The FEED was part funded by DECC as part of a the UK CCS Demonstration programme.