Track Record: Emerging Energy Systems

Nov 2016

Circular Economy Business Modelling and Waste Prevention

Zero Waste Scotland are scaling up its activity to accelerate a Circular Economy in Scotland. With Mabbett Associates, Pale Blue Dot are supporting Zero Waste Scotland over the next 3-4 years through providing targeted business support to Scottish SMEs via the Circular Economy Business Model Framework and Food & Drink Waste Prevention Framework. Both target the conservation of resources through the minimisation of waste and progression from the linear “Make – Use – Dispose” approach to a “Circular Economy” approach that seeks to ensure raw materials are retained within productive use, in a high value state, for as long as possible.

Sep 2016


Pale Blue Dot Energy has developed GreenStills, a patent pending, technology to reduce energy use in distillation by more than a third. The approach has broad application especially within the Scotch Whisky sector and will make a significant impact on energy costs, the use of renewables and energy system supply/demand balance. The GreenStills technology contributes to the solution by enabling a step change in the efficiency of the pot still distillation process. At the same time it enables a move away from steam and effective integration and storage of a range of renewable energy for heating thus creating a triple benefit of reduced energy usage/cost, improved security of energy supply and decarbonisation through the use of renewables.

Sep 2016

Hydrogen Substitute for Natural Gas

Pale Blue Dot developed a project concept for the generation of Hydrogen from natural gas in Scotland, with the associated CO2 captured and transported offshore for permanent storage. The plan is to use the hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas in the low pressure gas grid, thus enabling the mass decarbonisation of domestic and industrial heating.

July 2016

Resource Efficiency: Water and Waste Water

A major Food & Drink manufacturer sought water audit and minimisation work across their Scottish estate. Pale Blue Dot developed a joint approach with Mabbett Associates across ten locations. Comprehensive assessments for each location summarised the current and future Water KPI’s. For what is considered to be “free water” the Client was delighted by the clarifications on KPI reporting, water savings and in particular the associated caustic and energy savings identified.  Pale Blue Dot developed a Clean In Place (CIP) Optimisation model to identify opportunities for reduction and reuse. Overall, the resource reductions and reuse opportunities identified resulted in the potential cost saving opportunities amounting to more than fifteen times the cost of completing the assessments. Associated carbon savings exceeded 2,000 tonnes per annum.

Sept 2015

Re-purposing Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

Pale Blue Dot developed a project for the potential re-use of offshore oil and gas infrastructure for offshore wind. The project concept involved an existing installation which could have been converted to export power to Scotland. The project involved concept design, commercial and project funding aspects.

Feb 2015

Micro Renewables Project

A major distiller contracted Pale Blue Dot Energy to manage the full project scope of a micro-renewables project on the estate. The work involved contractor selection, project management and delivery.

Dec 2015

Resource Efficiency: Energy

Pale Blue Dot completed Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audits for a number of large energy users across the UK. Following data collation and analysis comprehensive onsite audits were completed including a review of the operational / process energy use. Energy efficiency and saving opportunities were identified, cost and carbon savings established and a summary report issued. Close out meeting were conducted to agree and prioritise corrective action plans. The potential to reduce annual energy spend across the Client sites’ ranged from 26-51%. Pale Blue Dot have developed their LEAP service offering to support Clients in the prioritisation and implementation of identified resource efficiency projects.

Nov 2014

Low Carbon Regional Vision

Pale Blue Dot prepared a vision paper for the application of Hydrogen as an energy intermediary and the development of an industrial CCS emissions strategy, in order to address several critical energy challenges.

Oct 2014

Supporting CHP Business Growth

Pale Blue Dot supported the business growth and opportunity pipeline for a specialist developer of combined heat and power facilities.  The use of heat from power generation can significantly reduce energy costs.

Nov 2013

Marine Power: Growth Strategy

A developer of wave power technology contracted Pale Blue Dot to support their efforts to identify near term commercial markets.  The project involved an assessment of potential data and power applications of the technology for novel offshore operations.  A paradigm shift to consider what would be possible if power could be generated locally, created a number of possibilities relating to oil and gas projects.