Track Record: Oil and Gas Transition

Aug 2016

Oil & Gas Diversification

Pale Blue Dot delivered a landmark study looking at diversification opportunities for oil and gas supply chain companies in Scotland. In addition to reviewing each of these other sectors the study looked at the potential market size and priority as future markets.  This follows low oil prices and the knock-on effect for businesses and jobs in the oil and gas supply chain.

May 2016

Heat Map for a Large Energy User

During an ESOS audit at a large distillation site, PBDE identified the need for a follow on Heat Study. The study identified that the complex site produces over 18 MW of heat. From this over 17 MW of waste heat sources were identified and represented within a Sankey diagram from which the potential for waste heat recovery of over 15 MW exists. Eight specific reuse opportunities both onsite and offsite were identified presenting major cost and carbon savings.

Oct 2014

Market Growth and Diversification

An oil and gas service company with specialist systems to enable hot work in hazardous environments contracted Pale Blue Dot to advise on growth for the US and Middle East markets.  In addition, a study was completed into a further non oil and gas market application.

Apr 2014

Strategic Policy Overview

A major international engineering firm commissioned Pale Blue Dot to deliver a short master class in UKCS oil and gas policy for a range of international policy specialists during a three day conference in Europe.  Specific focus was on the long policy development history in the UKCS and drawing lessons for other countries regarding the performance of different policy components.

Feb 2014

Offshore Asset Acquisition

A small independent oil and gas company commissioned Pale Blue Dot to advice on the potential acquisition of a UKCS gas field from another party. A broad assessment was developed and sense checked from existing technical interpretations and a risk based value assessment conducted to illuminate the potential for the asset to positively contribute to revenue growth.

Dec 2013

Future Strategy Concepts

A major oilfield services company commissioned Pale Blue Dot to contribute a vision of how offshore subsea developments might evolve and develop over the next ten years.  Current technology capabilities and challenges were identified and future technological challenges and trends were characterised to develop a picture of future subsea developments and what kind of capabilities may be required in the service sector to support the subsea industry in the future.

Oct 2013

New Market Strategy

An Eastern European industrial conglomerate contracted Pale Blue Dot to advise on an entry into the Oil and Gas sector.  The client wanted to build upon existing capability and geographical coverage.  The project involved a workshop at the client’s HQ followed by development of strategy options for market entry fitted with the company’s objectives.

Oct 2013

New Strategy for Business Expansion

A global oilfield service company with a specialist oilfield consultancy division commissioned Pale Blue Dot to review the business growth potential with a view to sustaining a long term improvement in performance and sustainability.  After a detailed review a business plan was developed alongside senior management which outlined a potential way forward and questioned many existing norms within the business that were limiting its performance.