We’re Hiring!

Pale Blue Dot Energy is a company operating at the forefront of the low carbon energy transition. We provide advice, guidance and expertise to develop low carbon energy projects. Although we operate in three key areas, Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), Emerging Energy Systems and the Oil & Gas Transition, our main focus is CCUS. As a team, we have been developing Carbon Capture and Storage projects since 2007, from concept origination, site selection and commercial development, through design, feasibility and front-end engineering design, consenting, leasing and licensing, financing and investment risk assessment.  We work with fossil fuel producers and major emitters, utilities, government departments, technology and academic institutions and multinational industrial businesses to help progress and deliver the full strategic and commercial potential that CCS has to offer the clean growth plan for the UK and international markets.

Pale Blue Dot Energy is the developer of the Acorn project. The project seeks to re-purpose an existing gas sweetening plant (or build a new capture facility if required) at the St Fergus gas terminal with existing offshore pipeline infrastructure connected to a well understood offshore basin, rich in storage opportunities. All the components are in place to create an industrial CCS development in North East Scotland, leading to offshore CO2 storage by the early 2020s.

We are now at a milestone in our development and are looking to grow our expert team with a small number of impressive, capable and passionate staff who share our values and passion for low carbon energy.  Whilst our business requires our staff to cover many different roles in a supportive structure we have identified three areas where we would like to develop our expertise further:

1. “Technical Sage” – Engineering Development – You most likely have a significant process engineering background in the energy sector and have considerable experience in large project development onshore as well as offshore in power and/or petroleum.  You will have experience in engineering scope definition, cost estimation and technical supervision of complex engineering projects.  An exposure to CO2 capture plant design and operation would be a distinct advantage.  Your “can do“ approach would have made a positive difference to some projects in the past, after all, any engineer can kill a project.  You will have an extensive technical network across industry and be comfortable with using this to good effect in your role.  A broad understanding of the technical commercial and financial landscape within the project environment is important to enable you to contribute to your best ability.  Above all, you will be looking to deploy your passion and unique skill set to make a difference to the climate change agenda. To apply for this role, send us your CV.

2. “Outreach Orator” – External Affairs & Business Development – You are an externally focussed professional networker with a passion for people and business.  You will already have been active in the low carbon space for some years and carved out a visible track record of competency and strong reputation for doing the right thing.  Your network should extend across business, academia and industry.  You will have a strong sense for developing the right narrative to tell the story around a project and the business and a deep concern and interest in all potential stakeholders and how to work with them.   You will be familiar with developing and maintaining a profile with stakeholders and investors which supports the business direction.  You will be capable of developing a good understanding of the technical, commercial and financial aspects of the business and be experienced in working with government representatives around policy, and large project funding.  You are experienced in directing public relations activities and be comfortable with coordinating a broad shared business development function across the company. To apply for this role, send us your CV.

3. “Development  Diplomat” – Commercial Management – You are an experienced commercial negotiator with a keen eye for strategy and detail.  You have worked for a major corporate in the past and have a deep understanding of how large corporations work and how to negotiate with them.  In particular you will also understand how an SME can negotiate to best effect with large corporates to progress business and projects of mutual interest.   You are likely to have experience with gas sales, power supply and project finance commercial discussions and be comfortable in pitching projects to potential investors.  You are familiar with the structures of EPC contracts with major engineering firms and also have some experience in dealing with government based contractual arrangements.  You have excellent communication skills and can render the complex into a form for others to grasp and understand quickly.  Above all, you already have a track record of doing the right thing and an ability of developing a commercial environment suitable for encouraging repeat and long-term sustainable business relationships. To apply for this role, send us your CV.

We will be looking for the individuals that fill these roles to participate fully in the business and integrate with the existing staff to build the future leadership team for the business.

Pale Blue Dot Energy operates from an office in Banchory Aberdeenshire, but almost half of our team work in other locations around the UK and Europe using our cloud-based office systems and collaboration tools.  Candidates should be excellent team players but should have experience and confidence in working independently to deliver outstanding results.  We recognise the advantages of flexible working for both our staff and our business and endeavour to support all reasonable requests in this area.  We have a track record of paying competitive salaries commensurate with experience and operate a remuneration plan which is closely linked to business performance.

If you are looking for a role where you can contribute to the growth, leadership and direction of a unique business in the low carbon space then get in touch and convince us that you have what it takes to make a difference.

To apply, please send us your CV to recruit@pale-blu.com. Please include the job title for the position you are applying in the subject line of your email. We will be accepting applications until the 16th February but may reach a decision sooner if the right candidate applies.