Kirsty Lynch

Communications Director

Improving engagement with low carbon energy

Kirsty combines 10 years’ experience working internationally in the low carbon energy industry with deep expertise and enthusiasm for public engagement and education.

Kirsty joined Pale Blue Dot Energy in 2018 after more than six years at the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, leading all international public and community engagement programmes and establishing the highly successful CO2degrees Education initiative, that was adapted and translated for use in more than nine countries. Kirsty also comes with nearly four years of project delivery experience, having managed the stakeholder and knowledge share activities of one of the early UK carbon capture and storage projects.

In her life before low carbon energy, Kirsty held a variety of communication and event roles for elite sport and community health improvement.

Kirsty sits on a variety of advisory boards and is always keen to promote and encourage those working to engage people on the importance of low carbon energy and carbon capture and storage.

Twitter: KirstyatPBD